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Little about me

   My name is Marie Tengroth and lives in Älvsjö.
My first Ragdoll I bought in 2005 who listening to the name "Curry" - she is my first breeding female. I'll never forget when I first saw a Ragdoll - it sat outside a gate, a large and beautiful creamy Ragdoll with a pair of huge blue eyes, it was then that I decided - If I want it has to be a Ragdoll .. . I have never regretted it. Even then, I had thoughts that I start a breeding program.

In 2006 I received my tribal name "Raggadish's" approved by Sverak and my first Ragdoll I got 2007th
In my breeding is currently 8pcs cats including two males and four females. All are colorpointar except Crumble is a red tabby Bicolor. My cats wander freely and be treated as full members of the family in my home, sleeps with me at night, get lots of cuddles and good food - ie. is always with me and that is how I want

I Put health and temperament as top priority, then my goal is to get the typical big cats, both as pets and also in small scales for breeding and show.Did you onse owned a Ragdoll, you probelly and up whit one more - simply a wonderful cat to own and have.

Kitten from me growing up with lots of love, socialized early and I use to have all my nabers children here who vants to visit my cats, and cuddle with these cute little kittens aswell. It is very important for the kitten because they are charagterized at an early age.

For me , it is important that the kitten comes to a good home, therfore, is the personal contact with you is very important. I´d rather slopes from a sale it it does´nt feel right between us. I do NOT sell cats or over the web.

I have kittens for sale to booth loving and lasting home. Iwant to continue to have contact with those who buy form y breeding. Not to that I want to "snoop" in your life, BUT beacause I am honestly interested in joining the kitten i therir development after they left the nest.

Please keep an eye on my website if you are interested in a kitten from my breeding.

Or if you want to ask about this race or just want to talk about cats for a while - do not hesitate to call me.

Even more curious of me ? - Take a look at the page: About me.


We who live here is called:

DaVinci, Snowie, Curry, Donna, Blues, Peggy, Smulan & Cára.


Home number: 046 8-727 61 20
Mobile: 046 70-250 40 66
E-mail: maribri@comhem.se    (alt: Press the icon in the upper right corner).