The Ragdoll   

 Ragdoll as pet cat



General deskribing
Ragdoll is a massive, large cat with average bone and muscular body,
which is available in three variation: colourpoint, mitted and bi-colour
and five approved colourvariation, brown,cream, blue, chocolate and purple.
Total twelve variations and the overall impression is a sharp cat.
Medium-sized head, broad modified wedge-shaped with a flat lot in appearance between the ears.
Nose to have an easy Bend in the top third.
Well-developed cheeks, which gets thinner against a well-developed medium-rounded nose and well-developed chin.
Error: Smalt the head, nose-stop, Roman nose.
Medium-sized, broad at the base, with the rounded top.
Sits far from each other with an easy framåtlutning.
Error: pointed, large or small ears. For high-pressed.
Large and oval. Extreme part of the eye should be in line with the base of the ear.
The color, all the more blue the color of your eyes the better
but in harmony with other colour of the body.
Error: Mandelformade eyes. (Disqualifications: Other eye color than blue).
The body is long and muscular with medium skeleton and a muscular back crop.
The adult cat should be as wide across the shoulders that over back crop.
Medium bones, backlegs slightly higher than the front that allows line of the back slopes slightly
from the back against the head. Paw must be large and steady with hair between your toes.
Error: Long and narrow neck. Smalt chest and cobby body.
Short legs, the tip toes, lack of hair between your toes.
Tail has to be long well furned and proportionate to the body.
Medelthick at the root, narrows slightly towards the top.
Error: Tail-knick, it´s meens that the cats tail has a bended aria on the tail somewhere.
The female is less than male but still a medium-sized female.
This should be taken into malecat stronger cheekbone.
The cat development is slow.
Medium (Semi long hair). The fur shall be a dense, soft and feels like silk.
Located next to the body and layers when the cat moves.
The fur is the longest in the face extreme outer edge and around the neck
and gives the impression of having a collar.The fur of the face is short
and will be further from the top of the hed and over the back,
medium on the sides, abdomen and back of the back legs.
Error: Short fur (Variations may occur depending on season)