Price etc.   



Why the high price of a cat, ask some - is a common question for those who have never purchased a purebred animal
Between 7000-14000kr depending on whether they must be only pet tax or exhibition / breeding. The price is a little depending on color and drawing, some colors are rarer than others due to it not kept enough of a particular color, such as the creme, red, lilac and choklat-colored cat is.
If the cats are sold to be a pet may not be in breeding, which is entered in the purchase agreement, the cat has to be castrated when it reached a 6 mount of  age or I will take care of the castration befor the delivery. If the cat is not castrated when it´s moves to your home I will keep the pedigree until you shows me a castration document.
For a female who has been sold for breeding - she cant have more then 3 litters / 2 year (Sveraks roles)  Each cat must of course be able to be cat between its hills and matings.
At the purchase of two cats at the same time gives a discount on 1000kr for the second cat. If  I feel the least uncertain of a kitten buyer so I prefer no to sell the cat , this has to do with that I am concerned that my cats get a good home and breeders, I have a responsibility to this to happen.
Foster cat: Sometimes I am looking for a fosterhome to my kittens. Foster owner will pay half the price of the cat, but there are rules to follow that you should think through carefully before you decide to take a fostercat. Call me if this sounds interesting.
Foster female: I have the right to take 1-2 litters (usually later when the female has reached the age of 3 years). You should be able to have babies with you until they're 12 weeks old. You may need to take time off work occasionally to care for the kittens. I represent the fixed costs related to the breeding female to do. You should be able to take home to your kitten buyers who want to see the kittens and it takes a lot of your time. 
 Foster male: I have the right to take 2-4 hills, a bit depends on how he acts as a fertile male in your home. You should be able to receive females for mating in your home for a week when the female is in höglöp. You may not castrate the male during his feeding time with you & you can not pair him with your own feed females during his time with you.
When this is over the cat belongs to you, BUT it has to be castrated.
Rearing costs (which are checked in 2012) of the Veterinary I used.
750kr for veterinary + 2 vaccination and chip marking.
(All my cats are chips before they leave home and is a must).
Total cost is.
Veterinary inspection, vaccination and chip. Registration and pedigree. Food, other costs.
Payment for each born cat:
750kr/kattunge-vaccinationer, chip and certificates
300kr/kattunge-registrering of pedigree
1.500kr/kitten food, sand and any other food
1.000kr-2.500kr / kitten-eventually other costs may  apply
Costs that always will be
Mating Fee, Travel, meals and any overnight, Breeding Insurance, cat food, cat litter
1.500kr or more of the mating fee
1.200kr sometimes more for accommodation, food and petrol
5.200kr/år in Breeding Insurance to be held active for at least three years after the litter is born
7.000kr/år in cat food, fur care, cleaning products and toys
1-2500kr/år in cat litter
Exhibitions, seminars, lectures and other things that we participate and have to keep us updated with what is our race amounts to several thousand crowns a year. Health, which we follow, where each cat is checked for kidney and heart at a cost of 2.000kr/katt that are recurrent in the cat breeding
Other costs
9.000r 1 Caesarean section with 5 kittens in the daytime.
11-13.0000kr 1 caesarean section with 5 kittens on-call time.
800kr for X-ray to see if the female is pregnant.
600kr ultrasound to see if the female is pregnant