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    The story of Peggy 





S* Kentuckygårdens Peggy Sue

Born: Dec 2008

Vikt: 4.7kg ( At 2 years of age )



 Peggy is from  Kentuckygårdens breeding near by Nyköping. Me and my friend Jenny had the great honor to take over this female into ouer breeding and we will cherish her deaflu and make sure she´s happy with us. Many thanks for this wonderful female to Bitte with family.

 Peggy is a wonderful nice female with a large and warm heart, a kindly soul who just wants good against everything and everyone. She mews with a low sound when she comes, purrs a lot and loves to be cuddled with.Her favorite spot is on the counter wher she now has a soft puff to lie on. I tried to get her to be elsewhere but OH NO - the sink it is hers, well she shares it with Smulan who loves tp åöau with water from the tap. She went straught into our hearts  when she moved here.

Peggy is a blue turtle and she is a real female, strong bones, well furned (right now), good ears touchdown amd fine widht on the head. She has wonderful blue eyes with a beautiful expression - this is who she is, a wonderful female who radiates kindness.
We look forward with excitement and can not wait until the day she gets her kittens and we have the great privilege to see her future offsprings grow up. Again, We beleive strongly in Peggy and she has that little extra that we look for in a female.
 BIG thank you to Bitte and her family -  we have been privileged to take over this wonderful female.

Peggy lives at my home but I own her together with my friend Jenny, who also is a breeder at: Sevenfriends.se  She has her breeding in Södertälje.