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Date Location Judge Class Result
120708 Haninge Asse Niessen 5 CAGCIB & Grand Int.Champion, Really nice Lady
1200707 Haninge Anne Köhn 5 EX1, Nice lady, nice colour and big female
120115 Danmark Eva Porat, Sweden 5 CAGCIB + NOM. 2:nd best in panel
120114 Danmark Beverly Elian, USA 5 CAGCIB, EX 1, Atractiv classic  lady




Date Location Judge Class Result
111116 Uppl.Väsby Fithiof Jörgen 5 CAGCIB, Fantastic
111105 Alvik ? 5 CAGCIB, Beautiful old classic lady who they used to look
111002 Moss, Norge Magdalena Kudra 5 CAGCIB, Large female, Ex profil & cheek, strong built, nice points, eye & expression
111001 Moss, Norge Tetiana Boiko 7 CACIB + INT.CHAMPION, Exellent on everything, nice deep blue eyecolor
110717 Haninge Anneth Engvall 7 CACIB, Large female, strong built, nice eraplacement, Exellent prof & cheek
110716 Haninge Bernard 7 CACIB, Large female, strong built, lovely expression, Exellent points, nice eyecolor
110327 SK, Uppl.Väsby Åsa Hammarlund 9 CAC & CHAMPION, Bra panna,ögon,stomme, profil & storlek. Ur päls för dagen.
110326 SK, Uppl.Väsby Hanna Jensen 9 CAC, Excellent in many ways
091107 SK, Rissne, Sthlm Raymond 9 CAC, Nice female who is develeoping just fine
090523 Linköping ? 12 EX1 & NOM, Excellent på allt