6/11    There are show coming up soon. 17-18/11 I will be at Birka to try my luck again. Ebony, Curry and Hunter is going with me. After that I will go to Åbo for another show - Snowie, Ebony & Kakan is the one I will bring along.

5/11   I have been really busy for a long time, lots of kitten so hug, kiss än cuttle with - I love it. Now has many of the kittens been spoken for. Not som many left in the litters but there are still some avaliable for sale.


29-30/9   We have been to Borlänge for show and it went really well, I am so satisfied. Her litter was on their first show at Sunday. Ebony went to the Best breeding queen and her son: Hunter got EX1 & BIV at the same day he turned 3 mounths. He even won over a 3 years old cat :-) I am so proude.

12/9   Chacha &  Snowie kitten has been born, 6 kitten arrived - look at kittens page

12/9   Peggy & Snowie kitten has been born,, 6 kitten arrived - look at kittens page


29/8   Smulan and Snowie got there kittens today, 6 lovely kitten has been born. I really look forward to se how they will developing in time

22/8   Babyboom - do have to say more ;-) It will be happend soon, Look at plans

20/8   Ebony & Snowies kittens is just fine, growes for every days that goes by.. Hunter stays at my cattery & maybe Harmony is about to move to another country for Breeding. The rest of the kittens goes as Pets :-)     


 25/7   Tindra & Skimra has moved to there new homes, Tindra for Breeding at S*Sevenfriends cattery and Skimra as a Pet. I wish them all of the best in life. Big hugs from me.

7-8/7   Peggy has taken titel: GRAND INT.CHAMPION (GIC) I am so proud of her. Snowie took his Cert in class 3.


29/6   Ebony & Snowie got there first litter together. 2 male & 4 female. The birth weight was: 84, 82, 87, 88, 87 & 75gr. Everyone is just fine

16/6   Ebony & Snowie expecting kittens at July. This will be my first litter from this combination I think the kittens will be so nice between Snowie anda Ebony. Look at plans or kitten.

15/6   Curry is not pregnent. But we try again at the next heat. Same combination.

14/6   Donnas kull gain weight so fine. The kitten eats a lot, very happy kittens and so lovely. Tindra is sold for breeding to Jenny at Sevenfriends.The weight at 5 weeks old: 606 & 551gr.




23/5   Snowie & Luna had kitten today :-) The litter belongs to Hallongläntans / Åsa Remmerth. 6 kitten was born, 1 female & 5 male.

22/5 Donnas litter gain weight just fine and tey are already 3 weeks old. They have also got there names: Tindra & Skimra, they have names from Glitter & Glamour. The weigth at 3 weeks old: 399gr & 403gr

20/5   Curry expecting kittens her last litter w.25-26 The father is Merlyn and leaves at Skarpings Ragdolls This will be Curry´s last litter.


29/4   Donna gave this morning birth to 3 lovely kittens, all of them are females. One of them didn´t servived because of a cleftpallet. She past over to The Rainbow land. But the other ones is just fine and the weigth was: 100gr & 114gr.

14/4   It looks like Snowie finally dit it - Hallongläntans Luna is expecting kittens together with Snowie :-) I´m happy for Åsa Remmerth & Heidi who has Luna living at her place. I look forward to se the kitten when they are about 3 weeks old. Now I know that Snowie can mate som it is no longer a option for him to hide behind "he´s a little bit short body" - BECAUSE now I knowe that he can mate :-)) I hope my queens start go in heat so he can do som kitten here to. I juste had wish that the first litter had been born at my place - I am the owner of him :-/



25/3 Smulan and Peggy had mated with Snowie but they didn´t get pregnent. So I have to wait a little bit more. Snowie is still goes as at trainee I suppose. But in mean time there will be kitten.

22/3  Donna is pregnent :-)  She is mated with Gårdös Algot, RAG c 04. All kittens will be 100% choklad carrier. The kitten will be borne in w.17-18 (end of April) For more information - Look at kittens.

20/3  Curry has became  SC (Supreme Champion)  earlier menchen as European Champion.. I am so proud of her. She is my first breeding female in my Cattery. Now she has reach the highest class as fertile and can´t get any higher. 

1/3  We have been in Denmark, all the cats were taking their Cert. Peggy  was NOMinated and became 2:nd best in the finally. 




8/1   For the next weekend I will be in Denmark for a new show wtih 3 of my cats. It is Curry, Peggy and Snowie who will be the lycky this time. We will be 12 people in the same car and with all the cats - it could be a little bit noice I think :-)

Smulan is hopefully pregnant and the father is Snowie. I cross my fingers that it will be so. For the moment it is still to early to tell. The litter are to expect in February. But as everyone knowes, plan can change.

6/1   I have been working with my homepage the last days - so much to do at the site, BUT now it si finally updated and alive again. Much is going to happend this year and it feels really nice.

1/1   I had a real great year. I took home a new male for my breeding called Snowie and I have high expectation for him :-) I had a intensed year of exhebitions of my cats and lots of title were taken at thos cat I had planed it for. Curry became GIC (Grand Int.Champion) and the title were taken here in Sweden wish was real fun. Peggy and Snowie (14 mounths at that time) became IC (Int.Champion) in Norway. Lots of thanks to Jenny for traveling with me to Norway so I could had someone to teese and laugh with :-) "Smulan" even she became Champion as it was planed for.

Peggy moved in with me and my cats in the beginning of 2011, me and Jenny owns her together until she gets a litter. Jenny will take a kitten from this litter instead of taken a own litter her self. After that I will be the hedowner of Peggy.

A very nice "cooki" moved also home to me, and she is lovely. Still young and but very nice and sweet youngster.

 I had the opportunity to have braught up lovely kittens and almoste everyone of them have move to there knew familys." Smulans" son Elité is still here and I  looking for a new home for him. He is very nice looking but a little bit shy but very lovely. I just have to say that 2011 was a great year for me, lots of lovely kittens a with good show result.

I hope there for that 2012 is to be just as 2011 was for me. I cross my fingers and hope it will be so.

  Began to wish alla mu kattbuyers, friends or those who read my news a HAPPY NEW 2012





6/6   Excaliber & Exceptional moved to there new homes today. It feels great to find susch good homes for them and also this two kitten has moved to Nacka and Huddinge - not far from me and I will visit them when the time is right. I wish the new family Good Lookc with there new kittens. I´l miss them already.

5/6   Tango & Pasodoble has moved to there new family, I am so satisfied and happy that booth of them could move to together. I am missing them so much, BUT they got a real good home and it´s not far away from where I lieve. I wish the famliy Good Look with there new kittens.


30/5   Every one of the kittens has now got there names. There are still some left for sale (Exceptional & Estrada) in Smulans litter. I would like to se at least one of them for breeding.

26/5   I thougth I had a lot of time, but now it soon will be the time for the first kitten to move. They are about to have there second vaccination, chip and veterinarycontrol and shortly after that the first one is about to leave the nest. Every one who is sold move to wonderful and caring new family - so I am happy and the best part of it: is that I can visit them - they don´t move very far from me :-)


27/4   The kittens are just fine, they grown bigger for every day that pass by. They have got there new kittenroom and loves to climb up and down thru a big tree. Smulans kitten are weight at 6 weeks of age: 770, 565,700,577,560 & 500gram. Currys kitten are weigth at 7 weeks of age:059,630 & 577gram. Blues kitten are weight at 4 week of age:480gram.

7/4   Smulans kitten has opend ther eyes and I think there are several of them that are going to look real fine. All of them have tried kittenfood. The weigt at 3 weeks of age is: 373, 383, 391, 338, 337 & 312 gram.

7/4   Currys kittend  is gane weight every day. ChaCha is the leader of the gang. I am real found of her so I think I will keep her in my breeding. The weight at 4 weeks of age is: 521, 647 & 433gram - I am satisfied


30/3   Blues little girl gane weight every day and has opend her eyes. The weight at 1 week of age is: 231gram.

27/3   It has been cat Show this weekend, Peggy became CHAMPION & Snowie became EX1 & NOM, I am so happy. What a feeling to get in to NOM with one of my cats, I have never done that before.

23/3   Blues have given birth to one kitten ! The happy father is  DaVinci (I´m not shore that he is awere of being a father)  A small babygirl who wight 118gram.

18/3   Smulans kitten have also began to open ther eyes. The weight at one week is: 173,173,185,159,164 & 127 gram.

17/3   Currys kitten has open there eyes. The weight at two weeks of age is: 331,285 & 403 gram

10/3   Smulan gave birth to 6 (8) kitten today, everything went very fast and in less then one hour she had gave to her kittens. unfortunately two kittens died. But I still have 6 kittens who lives. The father of this litter is Casper and I hope he is a happy father. The weight was: 93, 93, 90, 87, 85 & 77gram. There will be new picture soon, please look under kitten to se them.

10/3   Currys litter is growing fast, it looks like a horsetrack - I can se them get bigger everyday that goes by. I hope it will be healthy until they leav the nest. The weight at 1 week of age is: 262, 223 & 306 gram.

3/10   Curry gave birth to 3 kittens today, DaVinci is the lucky ( i hope) father of this litter. Everything went fine and they are "big" kittens - at least the last one of them. It is 2 males & 1 female. The weight was:  124, 118 & 150gram. I have never had a heavier kitten born at my breeding before this one :-) There will be new pictures soon, please look under kitten to se them.


1/2   Smulan is pregnant and the father is Casper, see Plans & kittens. The kittens are expected to be born in mid-March (v.10-11) From this litter - males only for company.I am so exciting to see what this combination can provide and I think it´s bring good looking kittens. Look under plans and kitten.


19/1   Veterinarien calld me today about Blues testsresult. They found a special bakterian in her worm and now she is given medication for it. I hope that will help her to recover and maybe - I can hav my kittens from here. If not she will be castrate. We shall se the veterinary Mars 9.

17/1   Curry is expecting kittens together with DaVinci, this will be ther last hill together.  Kittens expects in February w.9 

14/1   Blues were to the veterinarien to take som tests for not be pregnent. They took some samples from her vagina and now I have to wait for the result to come. I hope we finde something that could bring som news  and maybe she can be pregnent.

10/1   Smulan has been on a dejt and matend whit "Casper" (look under plans, you  can see Casper there)  now I am waiting for the result and se if she is pregnent :-) in that case, she will have kittens in earlie Mars w.11. Casper is a good looking Brown Colourpoint. this will be Smulans first litter. Lots of Thanks to Mari-Louis who has this nice fellow at her breeding.

1/1   A new year has begin-new oportunity , hopes, show-weekends and other plans in private life, danscompetitons and OF COURSE in my breeding. I look forward to see what is happend this year.

10/8   Donnas kittens have just turned 12 weeks old and they are really growing. Cirocko is the kitten that always sees to have lots of fun but he is so charming. I am going to miss them a lot when they moves to new homes. Weights at 12 weeks of age are: 1510, 1500, 1700 & 1742 grams.

5/8 Amor is now (hopefully) happy neuter. He survived the operation without any problem. He is resting like a king on a soft pillow now, will be served gourmet food and luxury living for a day or so until he had repaired itself. Then I will try to find a new home for him with the time in which he may brighten the lives of a new family just as he has done here.

4/8 Currys kittens have completed eight weeks, so time is passing too fast as usual. It is a lovely litter with a wonderful temperament, calm and stable with a nice expression. I believe that this litter will be smooth and nice - it makes it that much harder to choose who I want to keep and wich ones will be for new homes, as a companion or for breeding. It was equally difficult to play Donna's litter-Select. Weights at 8 weeks of age are: 1175, 813 & 773 grams.


27/7   Donna kittens is a very lively litter but it still is Cirocko who leads his siblings around, I think he will do fine in a large family when the time comes for him tom move away. He is always first and is at true leader, Donna his mother does the same. The weight at the age of 10 weeks: 1125, 1214, 1400 & 1227 gram heavy.

20/7   The interest in Donna's kittens have grown and it feels good, some new buyers have been visiting and the second is to decide on the conclusion, great fun.

18/7   Blues and Smulan have been on show this weekend. It was both good and bad, but so often it is a bit of and for the exhibitions. Both females have begun dropping their fur, which is always equal boring - looks like they are suffering from mange bitwise :-) Blues won her 4th CAGCIB and Smulan had to settle with the EX1, but shame the cat who gives up. There will be new opportunities to the next show.

14/7   Currys kittens is now 6 weeks old today, as usual, time goes too fast. They are growing so fast and the time flyes by. The kittens is getting bigger every day  and I am satisfied with the weights, I can also see their personalities come thrue.. Weights at the age of 6 weeks: 871.566 & 470 grams.

7/7   Currys kittens are getting real small charmer :-) and is a bit calmer (yet) we'll see how long it lasts. They also feel good, is steadily advancing in the weights and has since become four weeks old. They are all Tabby, brown and blue. The weights at 4 weeks of age: 529, 418 & 378 grams

2/7   Donna´s litter feel lovely and are incredibly social. Cirocko is the one who is "though" and make sure to have fun in life - he wouls suit a large family. The other siblings are more calm. They should also be vaccinated within the next few days. Now I have finally deceide wich of the kittens that I think suit for breeding, show and pet. Look at the kittens page for more information. Weight at 8 weeks of age: 910, 940, 1182 & 1020 gram heavy :-)


/28/6   Amor shall now became a castrat male at 1 July and after that I am going to finde him a new home. I am shore that he will bring happyness to a new family in the future. He likes to be wacumcleaned ant he does not give up before he gets his wath he wants. I am going to put him out for sale in a week or two.

25/6 Donnas litter is growing fast. They seem to be really nice and everyone is a fairly smooth ball. I have decided that two of them ffrom  this litter may go into breeding but which I will decide when they reach 8 weeks of age. Hill has also been named  with some help frpm Asa. We happened to run into each other when we went to see the same veterinary and began to brainstorm about different names, which were: Typhoon, Breeze, Cirocko & Monsoon - weather theme. Asa Thank you for your help - think how much you come to if you hit their heads together :-) Weights in the seven weeks of age: 721, 680, 854 & 756gram. New pictures to see at the kittens.

23/6 Currys litter are doing well as it looks now & gaining weight all the time. They have opened their eyes and makes his way around in the nest now. This batch is a go for breeding and it looks like right now he is already spoken for - who it is we will see. The female who was born appears to be a Paddtabby, brown or blue meet those costs is premature to say - this is true, I might to keep her himself. But I will wait to decide who to stop, go to breeders or sold to them until it has completed eight weeks. Weights at 3 weeks of age: 427, 296 & 269gram. New picture is to se att kittens side

6/6   Ariel kittens was born this morning, 2 male and 1 female (we think) ? She is a good mother and takes good care of them. We cant nearly lift them up but she allow for final to let us do so. Interested to see the litter please klick on Archicats. Amor is the father of this litter and to see pics of him please klick on Amor. The birth weights was fine, just over 100 gram each.

4/6   Donnas kitten is already 4 weeks old - times fly by... They have tried minced meat and the second female stands  in the middle of the plate and growls against the other. The weights at 4 weeks of age; 437, 422, 525 & 484 gram. New pics to see under kittens

2/6   Curre gave birth to 3 kittens - 2 male and 1 female. Everything went fine and the weight is good. Weight was; 121, 104 &  111 gram.


25/5   Blues have mated with RegencyRags Raphael held Gunbertus cattery. Now I keep all my thumbs, fingers and toes so she became pregnant this time. Is she in foal expected her kittens are born in mid-July.

21/5   Donna kittens feel so good :-) brighten small ones. They have opened their eyes and have gradually started to crawl around the nest, fighting with each other on tits and is very social. The weights at 2 weeks of age, 298, 275, 340 & 294 grams.

18/5   Donnas kittens feel super :-) I think it was 2x males and females 2x, but one can never be sure, there are also the colors. Right now, I think it shows 3 brown and one blue. Weights at age 11 days: 268, 233, 300 & 268gram.

11/5  Bun arrived today ! His real name is; Gunbertus Bobsleigh. He really looking good. Thank You Ulla for this wonderful male.

10/5   Amor met Ariel some few weeks ago. Kittens expected V.23 of Archicats (Curious? Pressure on the link). Ariel is a  brown seal mitted female. It will be interesting to see their kittens. I wish Alexandra and family good luck.

7/5   Donna gave birth to 4pcs healthy and beautiful kittens. The weights are good and they increasis every day. They have also begun to open their eyes and is now 12 days old. Recurrence of their colors when I am more confident. Curry waiting their kittens V.22


15/4  It has happened a few things here at home, Curry re-formed probably their unborn child so there was no litter, it felt like it  was an April fool's joke. Now I have mated her and see if she is pregnant, if so, ther will be kittens at W.22.

Donna is in all cases of pregnancy, At W.18, her kittens will be born. I have also been visiting Boss, a Amorina sons - he has been so nice, amazing blue eyes, heavy 8kg and he unfolds well. New pictures in Currys B-litter to watch.

Amor has been maten with a beautiful female named Ariel, she is a brown mitted female, now we are waiting to see if she is pregnant, info will come later.


15/4   Curry wasn´t pregnant but, so now I wait again to se if she is. I cross my fingers and if I am lycky she is will have her kitten w.22. Donna grovs for every day. I really looking forward to have kitten here again.

I have visit Boss who is a offspring from Amorina, he has grown big, 8kg heavy, really blue eye and ar develope fine. New pictures has been taking and you find them under: Curry B-litter

Amor has maten whit Ariel, she is a beautiful brown mitted and a think it can be fine kitten in this litter. We wait and se if she is pregnant, moore information in a fue weeks.

16/3  Curry waiting kittens, planned to come v.13-14, DaVinci is the father of this litter. Pictures will, of course, be taken on the litter Donna, is maybe pregnant but I still dont know, only time will tell, and Amor is the father of the litter. More info will come and will be under the tab kittens.

15/3   I have not write that much lately because it hasn´t happend much to tell, I have also focused on other things in my life, a new dog has moved in to my home. It is young Briard and she has take some time. I have also trained more dance. I love my beautiful cats but there are other things in my life who has to be done.