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     The Story of Cookie    



Raggadish´s Cajsa

"Cookie "

Född: April 2011

Vikt. 2,8kg ( at 7 mounths of age )

She is just what the name tells you: a real tasteble cookie. 

 Cookie moved in to my cattery in the end of summer 2011 and I had not planned to buy another cat - but who could resist her... Thanks to Annika & Connie at: www.gardos.se  for give me the oppurtunity to by this beautiful lovely female.

She has lovely middle/dark blue eyes (still getting darker ). Nice profil & earsettings. Strong bones and rather large. She is a: Brown bicolor torbie and her tail has a funny colorsettings. The tail looks more like a foxtail :-)

Her temperament is wonderful and I think she is gorgeus.

Cookie gives me lovebites but shortly after, she is licking me - like she is try to say: I am sorry. She loves to play with the water in the zink and she loves to eat. 

She has a intrested Pedigree, lots of cats from Spain and Denmark. She is also a carrier of Lilac (choklad)  I do really looking forward to se her litter and se what the judge has to say about her in her frst show.

But the moste importent thing to me is that: she is healthy and has a good temeperament and hopefully will also her kitten be the same.