Moore about me & my cats  



My name is Marie Tengroth and operates a small Ragdoll breeder during S * Raggadish's. Registered November 2006. Our breeding is in Älvsjö few mile from the City, where I live with my son Pieré in a big three room apartment.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I work as a personal assistant at night. We have always loved animals in our family and we have had dogs and cats as long as I can remember. It has been mostly working dogs and the last dog I had was a Briard who I worked with in tracking, obedience and guarding with, unfortunately, he died in November 2005 when he would complete 14 years. I was for several years an instructor looking on Botkyrka Brukshundsklubb.

The first time I saw a Ragdoll was when such was sitting outside a door in my neighborhood, it was cream colored and with a pair of huge blue eyes, it looked like two sapphires that sparkle against me - I'll never forget it, the color contrasts ... Then I decided that, if I'm going to have a purebred cat, it must be a Ragdoll otherwise it may be.

Now today I 8pcs Ragdolls at home and three of them are just cream colored: DaVinci, Snowie & Blues. DaVinci is my current stud and he has had good litters but to retire soon. Snowie will replace him when he's old enough. Blues is a wonderful little "lady" and is still in my breeding.

Then we have the other ladies, Curry is a brown tabby and my oldest breeding female, and shall retire in autumn 2011. Her daughter Cara still living with me and also she is like her mamama, a brown Torbie, although she is on the growth to commence breeding later. Donna is a special cat, has had many names over the years depending on what she finds in the. She has brought many laughs and the lady will never grow up ... Donna is a seal point, although she will soon retire. .

All those whom I have written about is Colorpointar, BUT there is one more female, her name Smulan and is a Red Bicolor Tabby and have just started their breeding in me. She is the only one whon does´nt is a Coloppoint in my breeding.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               When I´m  not busy  with the cats - I am practicing dance, which I also compete in dance, but I also different, too. What I will compete in is the Bug and I have done for years and is now in the A-class which is the highest class, which can be reached at Seniorklassen. I am also an instructor in the same dance.

I like to exhibit all my cats are sometimes the rice and sometimes rose, but still just as fun every time I put them out. Since it is in touch with all the other breeders and visitors that makes the day so fun and the common interest we have and that I find new friends to share experience with.

My top priority is to bring health and temperament in the first place then is my aim to get back and a good size  and temper of this to me quite wonderful race. Hopefully, I succeed with this and with the help of other breeders advice and have a much more experience than me so I can succeed in achieving these goals for their knowledge is invaluable.

Kitten born here are treated with great love, accustomed to humans, other cats and properly socialized so that they can be for the benefit of their new owners when the day comes and for many years to come.

I would like to have contact with my buyers so that I may hear that the cat is feeling good and what is happening in their lives. I will have kittens for sale now and then, see under the plans or kittens.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Are you curious about me, or just have questions about the breed and you're welcome to call me, I'll try to answer you as best I can and that I do not know, do you find out so you get the right answer from me. I sell only indoors cat.