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     The Story of Estrada    



Raggadish´s Estrada

"Ebony "

Född: Mars 2011

Weight: 3,0 kg ( at 7 mounth of age )

A really good looking female with a beautiful expression. Medium blue eyes who is getting deeper, darker blue.  She is a little bit cobby for the moment - but her mother "Smulan" looked the same when she was in her age to.  She has a nice profile, well set ears and she is sweet Brown bicolor torbie and her temperament is like an angels.

She and her siblings were borne prematur about 3 -4 days eralier that I was expectid. Fluffy was the smallest amoung her siblings and her weight was 87gr, not bad but still very small kitten. Hopefully she will be large, heavy as her mom is today - This little lovely Lady can really eat.

She has been to several shows and she got great result - so of caurse I have high hopes for her and her future shows and breeding. But the moste importent thing is: a nice temperament and healthy.

When the times i right and she is ready she will have som litters - I´ll think they will be beautiful - Just like their  mom and of caurs a nice looking father to.