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    The story of Smulan   



S*GunBertus Carolina Hurricane


Född: mars 2009

Weight: 1775 gram (14 v)

1 year: 4,7 kg

Smulan has come to be almost an adult woman, just as wonderful as when she came, wagging their tails like a happy dog, talk a lot and of course when I call her name. She has a small capacity and it is that she snippets, milk-treading and purrs so amazingly good when she does that, lies and vibrates in my lap or where she is currently located. She likes to stay inside the shower where it is cool, every time I goes for a shower, she is already in place and I have to lift her out - for she is not moving, voluntarily :-) She is also a thief and try to steel my dinner- do I hold the dinner - she stands in the middle  of the plate and growls against the others to happily gobbling  my dinner, and she is not ashamed either. I wonder why she weighs what she does? Wonderful temperament, friendly, very pikeperch, pure charm troll and curious as to. Nicely  relaxed when I pick her up.
She looks to be a nice cat and I am confident that she will bring something to good breeding material for breeding. To the body, she is quite compact, large bushy tail, good points. The color and the drawing begins to develop, but some I had wished that it was redder, but it will probably. Red and Creme colored cats develop slowly in their colors, so I have to wait and see. Her eye color, I also hope will develope to a darker couler, it is fine but I always want it to be so blue eyes as possible - you can not get everything I've heard.

She comes from Gun Bertus breding, She has very nice cats and exactly what I'm looking for. All my other cats I have, of course, loved them and with all their own way have to put what I wanted for my breeding and its offspring, but over the years, I have slightly changed the way I look at the Ragdoll look and what I am looking for and  the Smulan bought into my breeding.

Ulla Thank you for giving me the confidence to buy this super cozy and nice female. I will care for her tenderly with the other cats I have.

She is in the future when the time is right to be mom, it will be so exciting to see her litter to be born. What she needs is a male with a strong profile, & a good chin and good color, and of course a good color on his eyes.